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Congratulations to Team STEM Guyana!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

An Open Letter from Sandra Grange and Team STEM Guyana to GUYDA

Dear Mrs. Beryl James,

In wish to confirm that your message was read at the lunch we had yesterday in honour of the STEM Guyana Team that won the Albert Einstein Gold Medal for Excellence at the FIRST Global Robotics Olympics which just concluded in Dubai.

As I mentioned to Mr. Stewart when we spoke on Tuesday, It was GUYDA's donation which enabled us to purchase and ship the competition robot early, so the youth had time to build, test and practice with it before the competition.

Notwithstanding the challenges - even though (because the airline refused to accept the robot in a wooden crate on the day of travel and they had to pack it in a cardboard carton) the robot arrived damaged the night before the competition started - our Guyanese youth showed the world what can be accomplished through dedication and teamwork.

Team STEM Guyana member receiving an award on behalf of the Team.
Team STEM Guyana receiving an award

Please convey my own, and Team STEM Guyana's thanks for your support and your confidence in our young people.


Sandra Grange

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