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In 2005, a group of like-minded persons met at the home of the organization’s secretary, Ms.

Beryl James, to discuss the concerns of the young people in Guyana. After a brainstorming

the session, they decided to form a non-profit organization that would address the needs of the youth in Guyana. Mr. Leslie Stewart was appointed as President of the organization. What’s in a name? Mr. Stewart, on the advice of another member, wanted an acronym that would represent the mind and mission of the organization. That acronym is GUYDA (Guyana United Youth Development Association). As the name suggests, GUYDA’s mission is to provide educational, and social opportunities for the development of the youth in Guyana.

Over the 17years, GUYDA’s membership has increased from 13 original members to 31.

GUYDA has extended its membership to not only NYC residents, but also to residents in other parts of the United States as well as Guyana. GUYDA is proud of the work they have done for the youth of Guyana over the 17 years. Some of GUYDA’s initiatives are granting scholarships to young people to further their education, contributions to STEM Guyana, and literacy programs. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, GUYDA was present in the Charity and Bagotsville areas of Guyana where they distributed food hampers to the residents and tablets to students in Charity to support virtual learning.

One of the challenges GUYDA faces is attracting young people to its membership. In order to address this, GUYDA has established the Young Professionals of GUYDA (YPG), a group of young professionals, whose goal is to attract other young people in supporting GUYDA’s mission. President Stewart sees a bright future for GUYDA that consists of the growth and development of young people in Guyana.

Congratulations to GUYDA for 17 years of achievement!


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