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Water Initiative Project in Silver Hill, Linden, Guyana

The Guyana United Youth Development Association of NY, Inc. (GUYDA) has started a water initiative project in Silver Hill, Linden, Guyana. Below is a personal letter from our President on this project:

Dear GUYDA Friends Family,

Silver Hill is a rural community located approximately 32 miles up the Soesdyke/Linden Highway and about 11 miles from Linden in Guyana. There are approximately 100 residences in the community. The residents in this community are mostly Afro-Guyanese and Indigenous people. Most of these households have children and young adults.

There is no electrical power. One well supplies potable water to the residents on that side of the highway. The residents on the opposite side of the highway have limited access to clean potable water from a black tank on the church’s property. It is a very arduous and dangerous task for residents to cross the Linden Highway to gain access to the lone well in this


As such, there is an urgent need to establish a water distribution system to serve this community.

The Young Professionals of GUYDA (YPG) is undertaking the task of installing a well in the community. This well will produce about 2,250 gallons of purified, potable drinking water per hour. Along with the well, we will install six standpipes throughout the community at various locations to make it easier for the residents to access potable water for daily use.

The Guyana United Youth Development Association of New York, Inc (GUYDA) has a mission to provide opportunities for the educational and social advancement of Guyana and the Caribbean youth. In response to the urgent need for water in the community of Silver Hill, GUYDA, has established a “Go Fund Me” to assist in defraying the cost of installing the well for the residents of Silver Hill. We hope you will join us in providing clean, potable, running water for over 100 households, including children and young adults, in Silver Hill, Linden.

With sincere thanks,

Leslie Stewart, P.E.



For more information about the Guyana United Youth Development Association of

NY Inc (GUYDA), please visit

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