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GUYDA Presents Monetary Donation to Assist Mahdia Community after Devastating Fire

Georgetown, Guyana – June 7, 2023 – The Guyana United Youth Development Association

(GUYDA) made a significant donation presented by Young Professionals of GUYDA, Nikita

Edwards and Pierre Squires, to the Amerindian People’s Association of Guyana. This generous monetary contribution is aimed at providing vital support and assistance to the Mahdia community following the tragic dormitory fire that claimed the lives of numerous young individuals.

Ms. Nikita Edwards (left) & Mr. Pierre Squires (right), Young Professionals of GUYDA, Present Donation to the Amerindian Peoples’ Association of Guyana

The devastating fire, which broke out in the Mahdia secondary school dormitory, has left

families and the entire community in deep sorrow. In light of this distressing event, GUYDA

presents a monetary contribution to the relief efforts to provide immediate assistance to the affected families and students. GUYDA recognizes the urgent need to stand in solidarity with the affected families and extend support during these difficult times. The Amerindian People’s Association will utilize the donation to provide essential relief supplies, medical assistance, and other necessary resources to the affected families and students. GUYDA is confident that this contribution will help alleviate some of the burdens the Mahdia community faces and contribute to their recovery.

GUYDA remains steadfast in its mission to empower and uplift Guyanese youth and

communities; this contribution is a testament to that commitment. The organization would like to thank all members and supporters who have contributed to this noble cause.

For further information or inquiries regarding the donation or GUYDA's efforts, please contact:

Bibi Thomas-Seraphin


Guyana United Youth Development Association (GUYDA)


**About GUYDA:**

The Guyana United Youth Development Association (GUYDA) is a nonprofit organization

dedicated to promoting Guyanese youth's welfare, development, and empowerment.

Through various initiatives and programs, GUYDA aims to foster education, leadership, and

community engagement to support the youth in Guyana and in the United States.

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Facebook: 1guyda

Instagram: 1guyda

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CandyJ J
CandyJ J

Continue the great work GUYDA.

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