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GUYDA's Spring Variety Concert Leaves Audiences Awestruck with Unparalleled Talent and Artistry

Brooklyn, New York - GUYDA (The Guyana United Youth Development Association of New York, Inc.) is thrilled to announce the overwhelming success of its annual Spring Variety Concert on May 7, 2023, in Brooklyn, New York. The event showcased an exceptional display of talent, leaving attendees in awe and craving more.

Audience fill in Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School in Brooklyn, NY

From the moment the program started, the audience was captivated by the electrifying performances of renowned artists Anthony Alleyne, Christine Thomas, Abena, the talented young ladies of Impressions Dance Theater, David McRae, and Flantis. Each artist delivered their craft with precision, leaving the spectators spellbound.

Young ladies of Impressions Dance Theater perform.

The concert boasted an array of musical genres and styles, setting it apart from any other event of its kind. From soulful gospel harmonies to the mesmerizing saxophone performance by Flantis, the diverse lineup catered to a wide range of musical preferences. Audiences were treated to an unforgettable journey through many captivating melodies and rhythms.

Members of GUYDA come on stage to express gratitude to attendees

Under the expert guidance of the Master of Ceremony, Mr. John Callender, the concert flowed seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition between performances and keeping the audience engaged throughout the evening. Mr. Callender's charisma and enthusiasm added an extra layer of excitement to the event, enhancing the overall experience for all attendees. In addition to the exceptional performances, the event featured delightful refreshments that delighted the senses, adding to the ambiance and creating a truly immersive atmosphere. GUYDA extends its sincere gratitude to the artists, sponsors, volunteers, and all those involved in making the Spring Variety Concert a resounding success. The organization remains committed to nurturing and showcasing the talents of young individuals, providing them with opportunities to shine on a larger stage. For more information about GUYDA and its upcoming events, please visit

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