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Correspondence: Communities Arise receiving Donation check from GUYDA

October 29th, 2020

Communities Arise wishes to express its gratitude, to The President and Executive committee of GUYDA, for once again making your annual donation of $US 2,000 towards our Sophia Community Initiatives.

As expressed earlier, we will be supporting students from our program with extra lessons as they prepare for their CSEC Examinations. Based on a request, received a few nights ago, from one of the students we sponsor, we are exploring providing internet service in D Field so four students we sponsor can access their zoom classes at the Church we formerly used. They currently benefit from unreliable internet service at the home of relatives/neighbors.

Updates regarding this project will be provided to the GUYDA membership at a later time.


Ms. Glenyss James


Communities Arise

Original Letter:

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CandyJ J
CandyJ J
Nov 10, 2020

Great job GUYDA. Our youths will not be forgotten!


GUYDA does it again! Way to go.. it takes gestures like these to make a HUGE impact to someone in need.

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